CES carries out research in the social sciences of education that is independent, methodologically sound and that explores fundamental issues about the purposes and processes of education, and of policy in education, with a starting point in Scotland, but located in the wider framework of Europe.

The Centre can offer research expertise in a range of fields and methodologies, in particular through:

Linda Croxford

Honorary Senior research fellow - click here for personal page

Linda has experience in the analysis of large scale datasets, using multivariate analysis and statistical modelling; in the construction, linkage and manipulation of datasets; in the use of administrative data for research purposes. She has considerable experience of survey design and of writing reports for a range of audiences. She has substantial knowledge of education in Scotland and within the wider UK.

Cathy Howieson

Honorary Senior research fellow - click here for personal page

Cathy has experience in survey design and analysis of large scale data sets using advanced statistical techniques such as multivariate analysis and statistical modelling. In addition she is expert in a wide range of qualitative methods eg: telephone and face to face interviewing; group work; elicitation techniques, and of research with a wide range of people: young people, parents; professionals; policy makers; employers.

Fellows and associates

Name Email
Hally, Mike m.d.hally@sms.ed.ac.uk
Hart, John rjbhart@gmail.com
Hughes, Deirdre deirdre.hughes3@btinternet.com
Murphy, Daniel daniel.murphy@ed.ac.uk
Semple, Sheila sheila.semple@btinternet.com
Whittaker, Susan s.m.whittaker@sms.ed.ac.uk