CES briefing: ‘Young People’s Transitions to an Uncertain Labour Market’, Ewart Keep

This new Briefing by Ewart Keep, emeritus professor in Education, Training and Skills at the Department of Education, Oxford University, is a 6-page summary of his 2021 David Raffe Memorial Lecture. The Briefing can be accessed directly here, or via our ‘Briefings’ page, while the original lecture the Briefing is based on can be viewed here (opens in new tab).

ABSTRACT: Young people face major challenges as they move from education into the labour market. Their transitions have become longer, more complex, and risky while the process of finding a place in the labour market can be prolonged and discontinuous. This Briefing argues that these problems have deep-seated roots and are embedded in the structure of the UK labour market and recruitment practices. It suggests a number of ways forward, the cornerstone of which is the adoption of a Fair Work agenda by governments and job quality as a political goal at national level.