Articles by Lindsay Paterson, using Scottish Young People’s Survey

Prof Lindsay Paterson

Two journal articles using the Scottish Young People’s Survey (SYPS) have just been published by Professor Lindsay Paterson, and can be accessed on this website. The articles ‘The experience of school in Scotland, 1970s to 1990s’ and ‘Curriculum and opportunity in Scottish secondary education: a half-century of expansion and inequality’ shed light on how educational reforms over the period changed young people’s experience of secondary schooling.

The articles illustrate the great historical value of the SYPS, which ran from the early 1970s to 2005, but the datasets are complex and many are difficult to access because they were created using earlier technologies. To open up access to the surveys, CES is now working with Edinburgh Datashare to develop an accessible on-line archive – more details of that project can be found here.

The articles can be viewed or downloaded here: