Why boys do less well in education than girls, and what can be done about it

Dr Linda Croxford and Dr Cathy Howieson compiled a wide range of statistics relating to the performance of girls and boys in schools, higher education and the labour market, which have been used as the basis for a study led by Professor Emer Smyth, of the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin.  Prof Smyth’s presentation of the results can be accessed here – http://www.davidhumeinstitute.com/boys-less-well-education-girls/ – and the main findings include:

  • There is no evidence to support ‘boy-friendly’ pedagogies
  • Gender & social equity are interrelated, as working-class boys have the poorest outcomes
  • Aspects that can make a difference include wider access to out-of-school learning, recognising risks of gender stereotyping with approaches to subject choice, and less rigid ability grouping