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Current and completed projects


Lead researcher(s)

Project title or area of research

Ongoing Howieson, Croxford
Widening Participation: The progression and outcomes of HN-qualified entrants to degree programmes in Scotland.
Ongoing Croxford
Creating and accessible on-line Data Archive of the Scottish Young People's Surveys 1962-2005.
2015-17 Howieson, Croxford
Special edition of the Journal of Education and Work in honour of Professor David Raffe
2014-17 Croxford
Pupils as Citizens - pupils' views on school citizenship and the transition from primary to secondary school (project led by CREID)
2015-16 Howieson
Getting In and Getting On: students' experience of the transition from HN to degree.
2014-16 Croxford, Howieson
Tell Them from Me 1979-2014: the views of Scottish school-leavers - analysis of changing attitudes to school over 40 years, using survey data and back-page comments.
2014-15 Murphy, Croxford, Howieson, Raffe
2013-14 Howieson
2013-2014 Croxford, Raffe
2010-2013 Croxford
2011-2012 Croxford, Raffe
2012-2013 Howieson, Semple
2010-2013 Ozga
2010-2012 Grek
2010-2012 Howieson
Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Articulation Hub - the experience of HN students articulating to degree study
2010-2011 Howieson, McKechnie, Semple
To evaluate current arrangements for regulating the employment of children and explore the options for reform
2010-2011 Weir
Building Knowledge Exchange: Clinical Academic Posts for Nursing and Recognition of Knowledge between Health and Higher Education Systems
2010 Raffe
2009-2011 Howieson, Raffe
2006-2011 Ozga
2009-2010 Raffe, Howieson
2009 Raffe
2008-2010 Mostel
2009-2010 Shapira
2009 Howieson, Semple, Hart
2009 Ozga
2008-2009 Ozga
2008-2009 Howieson, Semple
2008-2009 Isaakyan
2008-2009 Ozga, Arnott
2008-2009 Howieson
2007-2008 Shapira
2007-2008 Ianelli, Paterson
2006-2009 Ozga
2006-2009 Lawn
2006-2008 Croxford
2006-2007 Howieson, Croxford, Howat
2006-2007 Raffe, Howieson
2006-2007 Shapira
2006 Croxford
2005-2006 Ozga, Byrne
2005 Howieson, Tinklin
2004-2008 Raffe, Croxford
2004-2008 Ozga
2004-2005 Croxford
2004 Ozga
2004 Hart, Howieson
2004 Hart, Howieson
2004 Raffe, Howieson, Byrne, Ozga
2003-2006 Howieson, Semple, McKechnie
2003-2006 Raffe, Croxford et al
2002-2005 Iannelli
2001-2004 Croxford, Ozga
2001-2002 Iannelli
2001 Raffe, Howieson
2001 Raffe
2000-2003 Raffe, Howieson

projects pre-2000

1999-2001 Croxford
Evaluation of early intervention in Edinburgh primary schools
1998-2006 Raffe, Howieson, Croxford et al
1998-2001 Iannelli
A comparative analysis of transitions from education to work in Europe
1998-2001 Croxford
National evaluation of early intervention programmes
1998-2001 Croxford
Aberdeen early intervention project
1997-2000 Raffe, Howieson
1997-2000 Howieson, Semple
1997-2000 Howieson, Semple

EPROS projects: 1997-2003

2000-2003 Lamb
2000-2003 Lamb
2000-2003 Lamb
2000-2002 Lamb
2000-2002 Lamb
1998-2000 Lamb
1998-2000 Lamb
1997-2000 Lamb
1996-1998 Lamb

All other projects will be added soon